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Resveratrol -Patented product

CAS No.: [501-36-0]
Molecular Formula: C14H12O3
Molecular Weight: 228.24

Specifications: ≥99%(HPLC)
Appearance: Off white powder
Mp: 258-263°C
Package: 25kg/drum
Usage: Antiinflammatory, anticarcinogenic, aggregation, antioxidative and antibacterial activities.
Other Name:

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Resveratrol (3,4',5-trihydroxy-trans-stilbene) is a phytoalexin found mainly in the skin of grapes and red wine, and demonstrates anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular protective, and cancer chemopreventive properties. In vitro and in vivo, Resveratrol is extensively metabolized to several glucuronides and sulfates.
Resveratrol undergoes cytochrome P450 catalyzed hydroxylation to piceantannol, 3,4,4',5-tetrahydroxy-trans-stilbene, and to two other unidentified mono- and dihydroxyresveratrol analogues. As Piceatannol demonstrates a several fold higher antileukaemic activity than resveratrol and as COX-2 is a known target for anticancer activity. Piceatannol and other Resveratrol analogues might achieve a better and more selective COX-2 inhibition than Resveratrol, such as Pterostilbene, Oxyresveratrol, Rhapontigenin, Isorhapontigenin, et al.
In view of the market of Resveratrol, its analogs have potential broad market prospects.

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